Corporate Training - Key Advantages of Digital Solutions

For companies, the use of digital training technology generates a multitude of advantages and new opportunities:

Mobile learning: Modern solutions allow online and offline access at any time and from any location. Participants always have their training documents with them and can edit them on the move.

Multi-Device: Use the tablet during training, work with the notebook in the office and quickly edit the training documents on the way home via smartphone? No problem: Modern applications are optimized for different devices.

Multi-Platform: So-called native apps for iOS and Android as well as a user-friendly web interfaces allow educational content to be used from any operating system.

BYOD: Due to multi-device and multi-platform architecture, companies can also implement their Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) strategy in corporate trainings.

No cost-intensive third-party software: With a modern SaaS solution, participants can not only manage their course materials but also digitally  edit them without having to use or install costly third-party software. Handwritten comments, text markings or the integration of photos and audio recordings are easily possible.

Social Learning: The connection to innovative tools such as Slack allows participants of corporate training courses to exchange documents, use chats and form working groups.

Global distribution of educational materials:  Digital education technology allows employees to distribute materials globally. One click and each participant receives the latest version of their course material directly on their device, whether tablet, smartphone or notebook. There is no need to send physical documents or to manually download documents from the company intranet.

Cost savings: As a result of the complete digitization, companies no longer have to pay for printing and mailing of teaching materials.

Usability: Participants of corporate trainings have little desire to have to familiarize themselves with a (new) software for the duration of a training. Modern solutions such as MaxBrain are therefore intuitively understandable and can be handled playfully in the shortest possible time.

Efficient processes: The simplest administration interfaces allow the efficient management of all training processes. This includes course administration, participant administration, lecturer administration and the entire document management.