Blended Learning - Here to Stay

For many years, the teaching methods of Blended Learning and Flipped Classroom have been discussed, researched and applied. While only early adopters have embraced innovative teaching methods, technology is finally changing the game in the industry for good. We’d like to summarize our key findings how EdTech today enables blended learning and guarantees the successful execution of any learning design.

Easy Access
All modern learning management systems and learning applications are cloud-based and designed to work on all operating systems and devices. User authentication has become much simpler thanks linking sign-on to any Google or Microsoft account.

Online Learning
Today all learners have internet access, be it at home or through their mobile phones. Online learning is not associated to sitting in a computer room anymore. It can happen anywhere and anytime - at an individual learning pace.

In the old world of learning management systems, many learning designs had to be configured manually or still require lots of manual work. Modern tools come with a pre-built-in set of workflow automations that guide users along the learning paths.

Multimedia Content
Videos, animated presentations or podcasts make it much easier to efficiently produce and re-use content. The general trend is to move away from static reading material and start to create interactions with automated feedback loops much earlier, allowing teachers and coaches to react to individually low student activity. 

Interaction and Collaboration Tools
Forget email and follow the development of Slack, Microsoft Teams, Goole Meet and other dominant software tools designed for fast and customized interaction and collaboration. Interaction and collaboration is now possible in real-time without requiring permanent physical presence in a classroom. 

Co-created Learning Experiences
Successful learning designs naturally have a high degree of early student involvement. The more learners can participate, the more likely it is that they co-create learning experiences and feel empowered and valued to make substantial contributions instead of consuming learning materials.

A New Era of - Blended - Classroom Learning
The above trends have tremendous power to help deliver education with lasting impact. For teachers, lecturers or coaches, much more can be achieved if modern education technology is used. MaxBrain fosters an open eco-system and is suited to deliver a perfect learning experience for a wide variety of learning contexts with a strong mobile learning component.  The clients of MaxBrain deliver premium education programmes with a strong focus on high interaction between participants and lecturers. Equipped with a simple, adaptive and powerful tool, they craft unique modern learning experiences. Classroom teaching and interaction will remain a key pillar of successful didactic concepts, but the time before, during and after class can be used much more effectively.