Successful ways to use MaxBrain’s learning ecosystem to solve your training needs

Successful ways to use MaxBrain’s learning ecosystem to solve your training needs

Set up your hybrid learning environment

Employee onboarding

Welcome your newcomers and train them for success

Make your new hires feel welcomed, supported and productive from the get go with a structured and strategic onboarding experience that you will be able to set up your MaxBrain platform. Share with them what they need to help make your company successful on an intuitive and mobile-friendly solution.

Now that you’ve spent all those resources in hiring the right people, you can make sure that you will also be providing them with the best onboarding experience they will have. The first impression in onboarding new employees is a lasting one so let us help you get it right. Immerse them in your company culture with present-based, blended learning or online learning content sessions to ensure that they are off to a great start. 

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Product training

Increase sales and awareness with a product training program

Make your products stand out from the rest through seamless training. Whether it is introducing new partners to your products with a leading onboarding program or keeping your distributors up to date with your latest products, you’ll be able to create courses from top to bottom to align with your brand with a lasting impression.

Create and standardize product-focused training. By providing engaging product training experiences you will increase product adoption and build a community of product experts. Product experts are key in championing your product offerings and word of mouth is the gold standard and a self driver in sales.

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Customer training

Impress your customers with the best onboarding experience

Create memorable customer experiences through great training. Customer education programs will help you onboard faster and better to your product. Show your customers the value you can provide from the onset.

Providing customers with continuous training on your very own LMS will help you reuse training materials already available to other learners and stakeholders, but also help reduce support costs. A well-informed customer will lead to fewer support queries, allowing your team to shift from more support-based activities to customer success and upselling. Your customer academy will help you drive product adoption, increase customer engagement and build a long-lasting relationship.

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Hybrid learning

Combine the best of face-to-face and online learning

Equip your professors and trainers with an easy to navigate and start learning platform to easily transition from traditional face-to-face classes to a combination of online and presence-based. Making the switch is difficult enough so simplicity is key when it comes to setting up new online courses, sharing course material or starting new online classes with new video conferencing tools.

Your learners will be able to access course materials any time, anywhere, and on their preferred devices. The MaxBrain platform leverages tried and tested but also innovative EdTech partners to deliver engaging and impactful learning experiences. The learners' needs are always at the center of our hybrid learning experience, and they will have access to everything through one intuitive platform.

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Alumni and lifelong learning platform

Continue to be your alumni’s trusted lifelong learning partner

Engage your alumni and cultivate them into lifelong learners at your institution. Share news, blogs, events, and short courses with your alumni on a platform that will keep them coming back for more to foster a strong community of learners.

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Employee development

Empower your employees and support them in their professional growth

Improve employees' skills, performance, and productivity with internal training and 3rd party learning material delivered on an easy-to-use platform. Let your employees focus on learning and training on the topics that matter most to you without them having to lose any time in learning how to use a new tool. 

Combine learning materials such as e-learnings, instructional videos, instructor-led training (ILT) with productivity tools, brainstorming applications such as Miro, webinars or chats with coaches or mentors to support their progress. Maxbrain has the features you need to deliver fast, efficient onboarding training through one intuitive platform.  

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Partner training

Equip your partners with the knowledge and confidence to perform better

Train your partners to help increase customer satisfaction and increase your bottom line. Empower your partners with clear, easy and consistent training on a platform that is available from all types of devices.

Your vendors, franchisees, consultants, resellers, contractors, or distributors are an extension of your business. All the more reason to include them in your training programs. Ensure that your partners have the knowledge and thereby also the confidence to represent your brand successfully. 

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Sales training

Create sales superstars with a sales academy

Drive sales performance through flexible and engaging sales training programs. Equip your sales team with the right skills, product and industry knowledge to help you continuously beat your sales targets.

Create a winning team with a fast and effective onboarding process and continuous training. Your sales academy will help you maximize your team’s potential and also increase your revenue. Soft skills training, coaching sessions, sales tools and processes training can take place on one intuitive platform available on any device. 

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