The Digitally Augmented Classroom Experience

Let MaxBrain supercharge your further education and corporate training. Experience the pure and intuitive interaction between learners and teachers with lasting impact.



MaxBrain Classroom digitally augments classroom learning with five intuitive power features. Learners and teachers take center stage while technology seamlessly supports real-life interactions in the background. Discover why we focus on five mighty features to deliver a highly consice and effective learning experience.


Barrier-free annotations

Annotate and enrich content on any device with comments, drawings, images and audio-recordings from your phone. Curate your virtual drive by using the import and export function, connecting MaxBrain to GoogleDrive, Microsoft OneDrive or iCloud.


Interact, co-create and share

Distribute files to individuals and groups on the fly and use our powerful Slack integration to collaborate effectively. 


Broaden your knowledge

Get to know your classmates or colleagues to build your network and enable mutually beneficial learning experiences.


Only one click away

Stay calm during busy weeks. Rely on updated information about events, locations and schedules. Calendar-subscriptions push all relevant information to your mobile device.


Strive for impact

Seamlessly integrate blended learning modules, assignments or performance feedback. Discover the true potential of digitizing performance elements in terms of effectivity and impact.

Made for your professional learners

Made for your professional learners

Meet the needs of your professional learners, always busy and on the go. Offer your courses where and when they want it. The MaxBrain platform enables learning to happen

  • online and offline
  • on any device (iOS, Android, Web app)

and and allows you to stage your content in engaging and flexible formats.

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Supercharge your classroom

Connect MaxBrain Classroom with your existing applications to deliver a modern and mobile friendly learning experience. 

Digitize your courses in 3 steps

1. Design

Create modules with your learning materials, schedules and content.

2. Organize

Invite learners and teachers and assign them to corresponding modules.

3. Distribute

Share content and start your digitally augmented learning experience.

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