Feels Just Like Paper 

Beautiful mobile app and web plattform to digitize books, course materials integrate all types of content.

MaxBrain is the perfect 2-in-1 solution that combines the best of the Learning Management System (LMS) and eBook technology. We offer interfaces for leading LMS and eBook tools.

The True Power of Digital Publishing

MaxBrain offers much more than just the replacement of paper. Here's a few reasons why publishers choose MaxBrain:

  • Best-in-class PDF editing: Add pages, images and even voice recordings.
  • Multi-device access: Learn on all devices and operating systems.
  • Simplicity: Few functionalities, delivered in perfection.

White Labelling

MaxBrain's branded mobile Apps facilitate access through one branded entry point. Guide your participants through their learning journey.

Annotation features

With best-in-class editing technology you give your students a real chance to replace paper, take notes, draw, insert pictures and import content from other applications.

Mobile access

Access information with just a few clicks, whether online or offline. Field productivity increases while employees will be able to further boost their productivity. 

Publishing Partners

Leading publishers trust MaxBrain to deliver the perfect eBook experience. Upgrade your offering with the lastest technology stack, letting your own brand shine on users mobile devices!


Edubase is an e-book platform for educational organizations where content from different publishers is made available on one platform for learning. The e-book solution enables publishers and content owners to easily convert their content into Edubase e-books.

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KLV Verlag

KLV offers a range of 100 well-chosen titles in the publishing program. The focus lies in clear, solution-oriented and comprehendible learning materials for middle school and further education. MaxBrain is a chosen KLV provider due to its browser interface and the strong mobile apps.

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Compendio Bildungsmedien AG produces and distributes teaching materials and educational media for Swiss schools and other educational institutions.The offer ranges from teaching materials for apprenticeships to grammar schools and higher vocational training. MaxBrain complements the Compendio eLearning offering with its highly intuitive and simple learning technology.

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hep verlag

HEP stands for innovation and quality in education with over 400 available titles in the publishing program. The publisher's work focuses on the development of teaching and learning media for upper secondary level, tertiary education and further education. A further focus is the extensive range of titles on pedagogy and didactics. HEP has added MaxBrain to complete its digital offering for educational clients.

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