Unleash the True Potential of Your Classroom

MaxBrain Classroom embraces the learning context of further education and corporate training. Our technology works seamslessly, is highly adaptable and works on any device and operating system.

Works with the software you're already using

Think of MaxBrain as a powerful plugin to supercharge your classroom. APIs with existing software tools help to control data consistency and let data flow.










Maximum freedom

Learners can chose any device to study whenever and wherever they like. MaxBrain Classroom runs on all operating systems and devices.

MaxBrain Education Manager


The Education Manager complements our innovative and cutting-edge Classroom product. It handles all core processes of user admission, registration, programme management, classroom activities and finance. End-to-end digitization has never been easier - be up and running within days.

Exam Management

Manage exams flexibly across cohorts, overwrite grades or create multiple exam executions following the requirements of your academic records.

Managing Complex Cohorts

Create complex cohorts and activate modules for several cohorts simultaneously. Create schedules, locations, class lists and other templates with just a fingertip.

Grading and Absence Management

Enter grades and absences and directly publish to the Web-App and the Mobile-App. Increase speed, reduce errors and kill admin tasks.

Student Information System (SIS)

Keep a record of all relevant user data, customize data fields and feed your reports with all the data you need.


Manually working with data is a big time waster. International programme rankings, university statistics or specific reports - we've got you covered.


The finance module keeps track of payments and automatically generates invoices. Connect it with your accounting software and automate incoming payment control.