Designed for Further Education

Digitally augmenting real-world learning environment is our passion. It requires embracing few killer fetures to let learners focus on what matters: human interaction. 


Designed for ambitious professionals

Designed for ambitious professionals

MaxBrain provides learners with a tool to maximize the impact of their learning experience:

  • Access schedules and content on any device in real-time
  • Reach learning content with minimum navigation effort
  • Annotate and draw like on paper 
  • Save to a personal drive where content is personalized 
  • Interact through market-leading collaboration software

Feature Overview

Social media profiles

Support learners, coaches and teachers to connect faster and fetch key information from LinkedIn. Networking with your classmates has never been easier.

Real-time schedules

Give your participants live access to course schedules, locations and lecturers. Automatic calendar-feeds save time and resources at both ends.

Intuitive file distribution

Distribute content to your students private clouds and amend or update it. The files structure will always match your learning design.

Innovative collaboration

Share ideas on group drives and work together effectively through the powerful integration of Slack. There's simply no better tool for agile, fast and lean communication.

Flexible learning design

Design the learning journey of your modules with maximum flexibility. Integrate new media, videos, quizzes and embed content from your other applications.

Annotation features

Killing media breaks is only possible with best-in-class document editing technology. Give your students a real chance to replace paper by taking digital notes, drawing, inserting pictures and importing content from other applications.



For educational institutions, MaxBrain digitizes educational programmes from start to finish. Discover the benefits of this intuitive one-stop shop solution which complements MaxBrain Classroom:

  • Cost efficiency
  • Automation
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) compatibility 
  • Reporting
  • eBook library