Organizations with trusted ERP software, Tocco, augments learning experience with MaxBrain

API, MaxBrain, Tocco, ERP, learning platform, Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

One of the beauty of modern technology that has changed the software landscape is the concept of the open ecosystem. From having to go to one software provider who either has to have a large offering of services to cover as many business needs as possible, to finding ten different providers and also having ten different applications that are all independent to one another - we now have what is called the API economy. Not a technical person myself, I will try to explain this in a way that I would also understand the concept. Here goes nothing, but first what is an API? API stands for application programming interface (if you know what that means, I salute you). More importantly though, how do they make our lives easier?  Basically, an API is a bundle of code that bridges digital services, allowing one app or platform to access information or functionalities from another. In short, APIs allow for the connection of different digital services. So instead of having to go to that one big vendor that offers everything, building everything from scratch or having ten different applications that serve your different business needs on 10 different platforms, you can simply have your ten different applications from different providers running on JUST one platform.  

Thanks to the API economy, we now have this open ecosystem. Software providers can just specialize in delivering services that they are best at, and the customer can just choose to combine whatever suits their business needs. It’s (mostly) more cost effective, and definitely more user friendly.


Managing courses and seminars at large scale is no easy feat. From managing registrations, participant information, invoicing, resource allocation (faculty and classrooms), Tocco supports NGOS, vocational and further education and social institutions, and associations with its modular cloud based ERP (enterprise resource planning) software. The Zurich based SaaS company has been consulting organizations on the the topic of digital platforms, as well as evaluation and selection of Tocco solutions for clients for the past 15 years. They count institutions such as ECAP, SfB Bildungszentrum, SIU Schweizerisches Institut für Unternehmerschulungs and SRK Swiss Red Cross, among many others, as happy Tocco customers. With the Tocco integration, we ensure that these organizations can continue to use Tocco for their daily administrative heavy lifting tasks, while MaxBrain delivers a lean and user-friendly learning experience for their students and members. This saves time as new learners will automatically be added to corresponding courses on their branded MaxBrain learning platform and allow growth in digital didactics and innovation as the institutions will have access to the full and continuously evolving digital learning functionalities available.