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The partner that we are featuring today is one very close to us - location and connection wise. Not only are we located in the same office, but two of MaxBrain's cofounders are also managing partners at PRIME. We are lucky to have such a renowned full service communications and digital agency as a partner to help us support customers with complex and custom projects. Prime has been developing solutions in the area of digital platforms, public relations, advertisement, corporate publishing and branding since 1996. As a member of LEADING SWISS AGENCY, Prime has been nominated and won multiple international awards, such as the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany and Best of Swiss Web in the category of Master of Swiss Web.

Médecine et Hygiène Group

REVMED online portal, PRIME

An example of a project that we’ve had the pleasure to join forces with PRIME on is for the Médecine et Hygiène Group, a premier reference in French-speaking for producing quality health information for healthcare professionals and the general public. PRIME has developed a fully responsive online portal for REVMED, an independent weekly scientific medical journal and a leader in organizing continuing education for doctors. The portal has an area for members to log-in to which then enables them full access to all contents such as medical books, publications and also registrations for workshops and further education courses. A REVMED member who registers and enrols for a course then receives access to a fully REVMED branded MaxBrain learning platform, where participants are provided with all details and course material for the event. Due to the flexibility of the learning platform, new media and learning forms can also be introduced to further augment the learning experience.

Lifelong learning is vital for individuals in all professions and user experience in learning platforms is key to driving learner engagement, especially those with demanding careers. With our seamless integration into the REVMED online portal, medical professionals in the French-speaking Switzerland are able to browse through all relevant content and offerings, and also have all the tools needed to complete their continuing education all in one place.