MaxBrain - Swiss Learning Technology Specialist Enters into Strategic Partnerships

Learning Platform, Collaboration, Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash

Zurich-based EdTech startup, MaxBrain AG, has been shoring up strong partnerships to strengthen its offering to educational institutions and corporations on the topic of digital learning. The University of St.Gallen spin-off specializes in supporting professional and further education courses and seminars, and blended learning formats for organizations in various stages in digitizing their learning and development programs. With the topic of reskilling and upskilling the workforce looming over many companies in all industries, MaxBrain is now able to refer clients to trusted innovative and professional partners to help on the matters of consulting and strategy, digital content creation and curation (e-learnings, microlearnings), communication, course and participant administration and management to interactive quizzes and feedback surveys. 

Current MaxBrain partners include Neukurs, Quadratswissen, Tocco, and Classtime and PRIME Communications, well known names amongst the German area learning technology community. To further its vision for an open innovation ecosystem and to provide its clients with the best-in-class technology, digital didactics and functionalities available, MaxBrain continuously endeavors to identify new and relevant partners also through its network at the Swiss EdTech Collider and Yes!Delft EdTech program.

“Strategic partners are crucial to the success in servicing our clients to drive their learning innovations” said Alex Blattmann, MaxBrain co-founder and CEO. “In order to continuously meet the needs of the market, we are actively scouting for the right partners with the help of our EdTech and client network in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.” 

MaxBrain Classroom is used by numerous institutions, among which include the University of St. Gallen, University of Zurich, ZHAW, Goethe Business School, Similasan, Manres, and (the Swiss Association of dipl. Experts in Accounting and Controlling) in their corporate and executive further education programs.   

For more information on partnership possibilities and questions to the company, please contact: